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This year we have been seeing many placemaking convergence pop up in the Northwest. This weekend — August 11th – 14th — Olympia, Washington is putting on their own Village Building Convergence.


Olympia Village Building Convergence


For more info go to the website for the Oly VBC –


The schedule as printed on


The Olympia Village Building Convergence will be taking place at Fertile Ground August 11-14. We will be hosting work parties during the day to transform the commons, and events during the evening to transform the community.

Work parties will be from 10a-5p each day of the OlyVBC… come for a few hours or the whole day, however much you would like to participate. Learn new skills, share your own, and meet some fine folks along the way.

Projects include:
• Community welcome gate
• Living roof for the cob pizza oven
• Intersection mandala painting
• Chicken tractor lounge

Evening events begin at 7p. The main event on Saturday night will cost a $5-$15 donation, all other evenings are free!

Thursday, August 11:
Compassionate Communication
Nonviolent communication workshop with Liv Monroe

Friday, August 12:
Food Security in the South Sound
Food Summit update with TJ Johnson

Saturday, August 13:
Main event! $5-$15
Mark Lakeman and Mighk Simpson of the Planet Repair Institute
Followed by music with the Erev Rav Klezmer Orchestra

Sunday, August 14:
Community celebration!
Come down to Fertile Ground and check out the energy, love and transformation

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