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I’m getting off the phone with Robert Ansell from Raven Recordings in New York, and a special thanks is going out to Robert, Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors for letting us use their music in this film!

Here’s a sample of their amazingly rhythmic music, from 1994 no less:


There is a great story to tell here.

Earlier this April me, my cat, and three of our friends spent a few weeks on a farm in Hood River, Oregon, just North of Mt Hood. Outside the town there are a few thrift stores. My friends and I went there looking for tunes to play in the orchards for when we pruned trees, grafted, and collected firewood. At one of the thrift stores a woman was teaching an animal spirit mask-making class, and there were masks everywhere. At any rate we found the music section and rummaged through their cassette tapes. We scored a Beastie Boys mix, the soundtrack to “Thief” by Tangerine Dream, and even some polka. Oh yeah. But the album that really caught my ear by surprise was “Totem” by Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors, and one we kept invoking for months after. Totem, what is it? It’s an inside joke, that’s what. As soon as we got back to the farm and hit play on the Totem we were transported to another dimension, and the wood collecting we were doing took on a whole new character…


Fun times in Hood River


With that cosmic beat drumming on the whole time, somebody commented that what we were listening to must be … the most ancient and universal song for the act of gathering firewood. Yes, and for millions of years people have been collecting firewood just like we are, we said. Gathering wood now seemed so incredibly old, and very human, with an immense lineage of hunter gatherers who traveled there before us doing the exact same thing: getting ready to make a fire.


Mine is the art of inspiring people to turn themselves inside out, transform their suffering into art, their art into awareness, and their awareness into action.

~ Gabrielle Roth


Ours is world beat music without a world, made for a dance without steps, for a tribe without boundaries. The raven is one of the two main spirit animals that guide my existence, so it was fitting to call our recording company Raven, as the other magical force that drives my existence is the beat.

~ Robert Ansell


Thanks to Raven Recordings. Your music is awesome.

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