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Each year people from around the world gather in Portland, Oregon to remember and recreate the age-old traditions of living in a village. Together they turn spaces into places, and enrich their community. During the day, they make cob benches, plant gardens and create art installations throughout the city. By night, they eat organic food and listen to leaders in natural building, Permaculture and social architecture. And then they dance to really good live music.

This is some of the magic of a modern-day village. This is the movie “Village Alchemy!”

Sunnyside Piazza Street Painting

Village Alchemy” is a new movie that is a tool-kit for people wanting to bring more of a community feel to their communities. By examining how The City Repair Project hosts the 10-day event called The Village Building Convergence, we will offer ideas for publicity, fundraising and event production. Organizers share advice on how to work with city officials, ways to involve neighbors and a process to inventory and pool resources. The film looks at how the VBC brings people together to create public gathering places and multi-functional art installations. And how other communities can too.

As a small independent film production, we are excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.  To learn more about the film and how to contribute, please watch our video on the Kickstarter page.

For a donation of $20 or more, you will receive a copy of the film, and help contribute to the magic of making the movie. This film will be useful for anyone who has ever wanted to make their neighborhood a safer, and more beautiful place. Featuring Mark Lakeman, Starhawk, Medicine for the People, and several participants and community members, this documentary is inspiring and motivating.

Please come back to our web site for up dates and more pictures and short films relating to the Village Building Convergence and Village Alchemy.

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Here are a few photos from 2011’s Village Building Convergence. For more visit our Facebook page and check out the photo albums.

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