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Last Day of Shooting ! -?-!

Like most movie projects, schedules get delayed, budgets go over, and the stress and exciment create a tornado of emotions in a producer’s belly. Although this film is a very independent production, it never the less fits that description. However, as they say “It’s all good!”

Today may be our last day of shooting interviews and b-roll for Village Alchemy. There are, however, a plethora of other interviews and sites I would like to include, but we hope to wrap up ASAP in order to get this out to the rest of the world in a timely manner. Mark Lakeman and Marisha Auerbach are starting a big tour through out California in the middle of September. We had hoped to be done by then, but will be soon after. However, people will be able to pre-puchace the movie at their talks.

We are also in works for a launch party to help send Mark and Marisha on their merry way and help launch the movie. It is going to be a great party, looking to be held on September 17th. Mark your calendars, and keep an eye out here for details to come soon.

-Cheers, Hannah

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