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A FREE Intro to Placemaking Course Series at HARP

Starting September 13th – a placemaking design course taught by Michael Cook. Don’t miss it!

From the City Repair blog:

Come learn the basic elements of placemaking, and become empowered to spread the word! After getting our basic overview of placemaking (what, why and how) along with discussions and group activities, class participants will learn how to give a basic City Repair slideshow. Also, we’ll provide those who show up with training in how to give a tour of past VBC sites.

Each class features Michael’s entertaining and informative power point presentations, group discussion, and a hands-on activity to feed your creative soul.

With Michael moving to the mid West this winter, we’re needing to grow a crop of placemaking superheros. The free Tuesday night course this fall will be focused on these skills.


What : Introduction to Placemaking

When : Tuesdays, 6:45-8PM, Sept 13 – Nov 1, 2011

Where : HARP, 2926 NE Flanders, lower level (enter from rear)

Who: final class led by Michael Cook before he moves!!!

Tentative course topics:

• Social Context and Indigenous Roots of Community Placemaking

• Scope of Placemaking

Universal patterns we draw from, insights for creating human-scale places in our neighborhoods. Understanding and contrasting the particulars of community placemaking. Understanding it’s reasons, scope, and goals and why it works. Grokking Placemaking.

• Gatherings and Group Process

Neighborhood outreach, meeting prep, basics of facilitation, decision making models (and their place), overcoming challenges, nurturing leadership.

• Social Capital and Community Asset Mapping

Seeing the Matrix. Seeing the Village. Understanding social capital and its stages. Making and utilizing community oriented asset maps. Building trust and nurishing potential.

• Collaborative Design

Identifying values, determining functions, setting priorities, while maintaining inclusivity in the design.

• Placemaking Modalities (Natural Building, Permaculture, Community Art, Community Building)

Models of inspiration. The many ways in which placemaking manifests and how we can make our places more sustainable. (Share your own ideas!)

• Making it Happen: Community Workparties

Pre-event site prep, materials, volunteer coordinator, education and site leaders, safety, having fun.

• Celebration and the Future

The importance of celebrating work, process and progress. Storytelling (mythmaking), traditions of upkeep.

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