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Pickathon – the gatherings continue!

The weekend of August 6th and 7th, I ventured to an amazing music festival held just outside of Portland at the Pendarvis Farm. It was called Pickathon, and hosted a wide variety of talented musicians on an 80 acre forested farm. I went to see the Village Building Convergence folks work more of their magic as they used large swaths of material, wood from the forest, and recycled building materials to construct stages, chill zones, and trails for the event.

It was great to see so many of the people who had worked so hard to produce the VBC to come together again to turn spaces into places. The structures they created offered participants of the festival much needed shade, a great viewing spot for the main stage, and a unique ambiance when walking in the woods. “The Nest” from the night time events at the Village Building Convergence morphed into a beautiful area for kids and adults to hang out and enjoy the fun!


"The Nest" finds a new home at Pickathon

I could see the bonds between the builders grow stronger, and even some romances gain momentum. We danced late into the nights, and slept in the woods! What could be better?

Pickathon went out of its way to be a very eco-friendly event, with only reusable bamboo plates, reusable mugs from Klean Kanteen for the beer, and a bio-diesel shuttle. I understand that part of the proceeds from the beer sales will be donated to City Repair to help fund future VBCs!

The importance of getting together to have fun and enhance the experience of others by providing unique places for them to gather really shined through at Pickathon. It was great to see the lessons I learned at the VBC be brought to light in another setting.

Some of my friend’s thought Pickathon was a berry picking festival. I’m glad to say it was so much more!



Photos by Holly Marie Suda:

VBC crew creativity lights up the Wood Stage

Sunday Valley rockin' it: no shortage of talent at this gathering!


Joe and Hannah taking a break from filming


Sebastian and Lula taking a break at Pickathon

Hannah playing in VBC wood art

Hannah and Holly filming in the woods

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